Working on behalf of Kleisch Capital Partners who had responsibility for all European retail Operations on behalf of the investment fund we managed the reorganisation and refinancing of the investment of Knickerbox in order to lay the foundations for guiding the company back into profitability. Throughout this period we presided and were involved in several takeovers in order to facilitate the company’s growth and expansion plans. Initially Knickerbox was repositioned to reflect design and its image. As part of the rebrand we introduced a new accessory range branded KBX.

We successfully expanded the store chain from 25 to 60 in an 18 month period which helped us achieve a platform to achieve a critical commercial mass. We also launched an e -commerce site which paid back the investment capital within 3 months of its launch. In addition to the direct operation the lingerie and accessory ranges were rolled out on a concessionary basis throughout the Alexon Group and Pilot with further growth and expansion also being delivered by opening concessions in Debenhams.

The business was eventually sold to Ann Summers.

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