Norwich City Football Club (April 2010 to November 2013)

We started the assignment in May 2010 on a consultancy basis and conducted a thorough review of the retail operation and were given full accountability and freedom to act as required to bring the business into the 21st century and establish best practice. At the time there was a Stadium and Town centre store at Norwich City and as a result of the successful transition to a professional operation we opened a new 400sq metre store in Chaplefield, the major Norwich shopping centre.

The board also agreed to the proposed re development of the website and committed to introduce a new best of breed epos retail and ticketing system. We designed the system as it needs to work across retail and hospitality. There is no system “out of the box “ solution that accomplishes this.

Following the commercial re-organisation in 2011 the club is now debt free one of the very few football clubs to report a profit. Note in the previous year a £500k profit was achieved whilst playing in the championship so not boosted by Sky TV revenues

During this period we achieved the following

  • Re designed and implemented new brand guidelines
  • Re targeted the product ranges
  • Rationalised the supplier base
  • Introduced new merchandising practices
  • Empowered the existing team and commenced a retraining program. This has led to their development as both retailers and people
  • Redesigned and refitted the existing town centre store doubling linear footage
  • Redesigned and refitted the stadium store in July 2010 doubling linear footage. Due to the outstanding success approval was given to re-build and extend the same store. This opened on 30th July 2011 and has achieved record sales and profits
  • Cost of refits already paid back
  • New 400sq metre flagship store opened in Chaplefield shopping centre

Financial Results 2010-2011

  • Sales at the end of year one (May 2011) were up by 31% over the same period against last year Gross margin in the same period up by 51%
  • Costs reduced by 14% over the same period against last year
  • NET profit increased by 215% over the same period against last year
  • Negotiated new 5 year 7 figure kit manufacturing sponsorship deal
  • Negotiated new 5 year 7 figure a year shirt sponsor deal

Financial Results 2011-12

  • Produced an award nominated kit launch video as part of the viral marketing campaign. Please see the link below – New video here:

  • This has contributed in driving the highest kit sales on record a fourfold increase on the previous best year
  • Total Sales all channels 100% LFL increase on
  • Total profits all channels 500% LFL increase
  • Net margins of 25%


Following the 2011-12 campaign we created a new kit launch marketing campaign including a new video designed to utilise social media and drive sales through interaction between the club and the supporters

This can be viewed on the link below

The contract with Norwich City Fc was due to end in May 2013 but was extended until November

Sales and profits at the end of this period were above the record previous year and above budget.

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